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Reasons Why You May Want to Move to Turkey - I Did.

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

There are a ton of questions you would need to ask yourself or others, before actualizing the thought of moving to a new country. Have you ever moved from one apartment to another? It is similar to it, but on steroids.

Getting the citizenship may be the basis of moving to Turkey for some, but here are a few other reasons why you may consider moving to Turkey if you are considering migration at all.

1. Treasure Chest of Islamic Heritage & Culture

  • Mosques:

Mosques are a huge part of Turkish culture, and you can find them everywhere. There are more than 3,300 mosques only in Istanbul, and around 90,000 all over Turkey.

When the vast majority of the population in a country believes in religion, religion will invariably influence culture. The mosques have a central role in Turkish culture, which even the non-Muslims in Turkey respect. Unity and collectiveness are great symbols of Islam sprouting from the concept and Unity of One God in Islam, and the mosques in Turkey are a great representation of that principle.

Helping others and mutual harmony are also at the core of the fundamentals of Islam, with mosques playing an important role in achieving unity and harmony. Wedding ceremonies and funerals are held in mosques, which further reinforces the notion that mosques are also places of socializing and belonging.

Mosques in Turkey are great places to show social support and unity at difficult times (such as funerals). People want to share their happiness as well as their sadness. Wedding ceremonies in mosques are another way to express social support, but in a positive way.

  • Food

The Uthmani (Ottoman) Empire not only brought the full spectrum of sciences to the world, with the vast extent of its reach into different corners of the world, imported many different cuisines that now remain in Turkey.

Whether its the Borek puffed pastries, or the Pide and Lahamachun, or the succulent Kebabs, the mouthwatering Kunafe, or the Dondurma - Turkish ice cream, your culinary soul is sure to be delighted at all times.

Turkey is famous for its delicious cuisine. The range of flavors and aromas you’ll find in the country is simply delicious and we bet you’re excited to be visiting soon.

There is no shortage of doner kebab shops, where you could indulge to your heart’s glory into the succulent meaty rolls or “porsyon” plates of chicken or red meat doners.

In the north of Turkey, the local food is a mixture of different dishes of their culture. For instance, dishes from Central Asia, such as yogurt, bread, and nuts, are served. These are replaced with other dishes such as pili-pili, and kisir In addition, there are also dishes that have developed to be suitable for a cold climate.

However, there is just as many varieties of food in Turkey as that of the diversity in the country itself. It is very easy to find your favorite dishes at any restaurant. As well, turkey produces and imports food from its neighbours, such as Greece, which are also well-known for their delicious dishes.

  • The Pazars

Rooted in the word Bazaar, the weekly bazaars occupy at least one street of almost every district within a city or town. The Pazar is the place to find the freshest fruits and vegetables, most of them coming from the local farms. That makes the pazars the cheapest place to buy your weekly fresh produce. Pazars are filled with tens of vendors selling a variety of products that include household items, clothes, textiles and shoes, and traditional spices. Basically every necessity of your home will be met on this street, and at least 10-30 % cheaper on most items compared to regular shops.


  • There’s a saying in Turkish - "Tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell you who you are" (From hadith).

  • Most People are friendly in Turkey for the human being you are and not for the wealth you have or dpn't.

  • They can be hospitable and friendly and offer you free coffee and tea and at times give away a meal or two, but you will find bad apples everywhere. And there's no shortage of them in Istanbul. Smaller towns and villages have the best.

  • Majority of Turkey's citizens consider themselves Muslim. A growing number of the citizens are simply secular and do not relate with any religion. Though most are pretty nationalistic, they respect most people from around the world, one of the reasons why Turkey is one of the hottest destinations of the World.

2. Numerous towns and cities to chose from.

  • Konya and Anatolia region (By consensus the city closest to Islamic culture, yet doused in Sufism and practices)

  • Erzurum

  • Bursa - Once a capital of the Uthmani Empire

  • North and Asia sides out of Istanbul. Gebze, Sakariya, and beyond.

  • Suburbs: Lots of affordable ready to rent or construct Farm houses, villas or bungalows, close to town with all necessities and amenities available.

3. Industries & Businesses - Great opportunities for General trading, export, tourism, agriculture & farming, agricultural land and real estate investment, and livestock trading.

4. Cost of living, rents, and property is Half of GCC countries and most “developed” countries.

Attractive for foreigners and expats to buy a wide range of modern, or regular and traditional properties like apartments, villas, houses, etc. taking advantage of the elimination of the value added tax of 18% by the Turkish government, and relaxed procedures that allow full ownership. There is no need of a residential permit either. (It is best to use an independent, trustworthy consultant with good testimonials. A good one is available for as little as 1000 USD).

The difference of renting apartments in the city and suburbs is substantially wide. However the age of the building, whether it’s in a gated community or not, the amenities and the location within the locality will contribute to the cost. Older buildings without a gated community are cheaper, but are closer to the city and all the public transportation.

Despite the recent inflation and tumbling Turkish Lira, you can rent a two bedroom plus living room appartment for around 110 USD per month in the “mashallesi” areas of the suburbs, and around 200 USD inside the city. The costs will be more than double for an apartment in a gated community with swimming pool, gym, sauna, and other facilities.

5. Business Set-up:

With the right consultant, who has the necessary know how of the the laws and regulations, proper associates, and experience, setting up a business in Turkey could be like a walk in the park compared to some other countries. The whole process of acquiring the required documents from you to receiving a license with multiple activities may be over in a week to 10 days. The cost of starting and maintaining the business itself is very cheap too.

6. Jobs:

Though Turkish language is key to most jobs opportunities, there are many jobs that don’t require that, especially in foreign language teaching, and several different jobs. If you are a technician, plumber, or master of particular skill set, you can always offer your service as a freelancer, and earn at your will and time.

Learning Turkish language, which will take you not more than 2-3 months (for workable, general conversation), is the way forward and opens tonnes of opportunities throughout Turkey and the vast number of professions and industries.

If you are skilled, with fair educational credibility, you can easily land jobs between 6,000 to 7,000 TL (Turkish Lira) per month, which would be enough for you to start a peaceful life in Turkey.

For self employed, Turkey grants a 1 year Work Permit that will allow you to explore various opportunities of setting a business, and attend trade shows.

7. Education:

Turkey has some of the best universities around the world. The Turkish culture and history beckons highest standards of education. Thus you will find schools and universities on almost every other street of the towns, cities, and villages of Turkey.

Best of all, education is free up-to high school, as it should be, and very affordable thereafter. Colleges and universities charge a meager amount of anywhere between 1,500 USD for the first year of college to 2,500 USD for Masters and Doctorate!!

8. The Incredible Nature & Landscapes:

Allah has blessed this country with almost every natural landscape and climate you can imagine. From the freezing cold snowy ski-slopes in the North, to the warm serene beach towns in the South. Turkey has every thing in between.

From one of the World’s most iconic and historically strategic straits - The Bosphorus, to the world’s oldest archaeological sites are all in Turkey. Pamukkale, Trabzone, Capadocia, Antalya, and the vast natural reserves, lakes, mountains, plains, and waterfalls are all here. You will need more than a life time to visit these places in this wonderful country. It’s like living a dream.


For more information and help on migration, residency, property, and identifying the right place for you in Turkey, get in touch with us today. We and our trustworthy associates and local partners can make it happen for you, inshaAllah.

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