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Real Estate Consultancy

Turkey Consultants offers virtually everything you need, in order to increase the value of your investment. We help business owners and investors, lenders, and corporate groups find better ways to address critical and complex real estate issues , with our up-to date due diligence, market studies, portfolio services, lease advisory, and more.



Whether you're looking for a home in Turkey, or purely investing, we are here to help you. With hundreds of properties in our portfolio, in and outside Istanbul, you are sure to find something with peace of mind.

Countryside Scenery


Turkey is in no shortage of lucrative land opportunities. Acres of lands are available for residential, commercial, agricultural & livestock, tourism, and industrial purposes. Whatever your interest, we are here to facilitate.

Office Building

Office or Showroom

If you're setting up a business in Turkey, or planning to invest in buildings to be rented out as offices, showrooms, or shopping centers, we are here to help you. Location is key and we have plenty of prime locations suited for your business needs.

Our Associates

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