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Residence permit ban imposed on foreigners across Istanbul

The practice of not granting residence permits to foreigners, which was implemented in 10 districts across Istanbul, spread to 39 districts. Residence permit for foreigners has been stopped in all districts.

Updated: 15.07.2023 - 15:55 Release: 15.07.2023 - 15:39

President Erdogan gave the message

President Erdoğan gave the message of combating irregular migrants in his statement on his return from the NATO Summit last week.

President Erdoğan said: " Our citizens will soon feel the change in the issue of irregular migrants." had emphasized.

The Fight intensified

The steps taken in this context were intensified.

39 districts of Istanbul were almost closed to immigrants.

According to the Presidency's data for 2022, there are 5 million 400 thousand foreign nationals living in Turkey.

Residence permit for foreigners in Istanbul has been stopped

for foreign nationals have been stopped with the new decision, except for compulsory cases. While the increasing wave of immigration and solutions to its problems continue in Istanbul, which leads with 1 million 294 thousand foreigners, "residence" permits.

In the mega city with an official population of 15 million 908 thousand and a dynamic population of 20 million, the practice of not granting residence permits to foreigners, which was implemented in 10 districts by the Ministry of Interior as of October 2022, was shifted to 39 districts by the ministry last March.

Residence permits will not be issued until a second decision

Residence permits will not be granted to foreigners until a second decision, with the decision taken by the ministry on October 7, 2022, in the mega-city where residence permits have been suspended, except for mandatory conditions such as life safety, health, education and rights arising from international trade.

In Istanbul, where approximately one-eighth of the official population (2 million 174 thousand 766) is registered in its own register, 1 million 294 thousand 124 foreign nationals living in the city, according to the figures of the Provincial Immigration Administration a year ago, are also included, apart from the foreigners who acquired citizenship through real estate acquisition. equates to 8%.

Syrians take the lead

According to official figures, Syrians lead the foreign population of Istanbul with 535 thousand 25 people.

The dilution policy continues

Istanbul police, which has caught and sent over 5 thousand irregular migrants, mostly Syrians, to removal centers in the last 2 weeks, continues their operations against illegal migrant networks.

put into effect last year by the Ministry of Interior in order to prevent ghettoization due to recent domestic-foreign conflicts. the "dilution policy" In Turkey, where 5 million 400 thousand foreign nationals live according to official figures and 7 million foreign nationals according to unofficial figures, studies in line with continues.

Penalty for renters

In addition to fines and sealing penalties, prison sentences have started for those who rent houses illegally in Istanbul, as well as for hotels and establishments hosting illegal immigrants.

In the studies carried out since the beginning of this year, a fine of 26 thousand 750 lira was imposed on each of the 51 persons detained in 29 separate operations against persons who rented and housed illegal immigrants daily and weekly for less than 15 days without a contract and illegally.

If they commit the same crime 3 times in a row, the license cancellation for their hotels and the penalty of sealing their houses indefinitely will be imposed, while 4 of these 51 individuals have been arrested, while judicial control has been applied to 6 of them.

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