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Acquiring Turkish Citizenship: Possible Ways, Procedures, and Recommendations

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Expensive, daunting, and with intricate legal procedures for most countries, but not in Turkey. As long as you fulfil the following conditions that are comparatively inexpensive and less daunting than most countries, you are on your way to the citizenship of a historically great country.

If you stay more than 5 years you can apply for it. Or invest USD 400,000 (immovable property, including land) and apply for Citizenship that will take 4-6 months, if all documentation and records of the applicant are OK. You are eligible after these requirements are fulfilled. However the approvals may take longer than 4-6 months considering the current affairs in Turkey and around the world, your country of origin and residency, and your background and history.


  1. You must live for 5 Years in Turkey with a business, job, or owning a property (where you live or own). You may be out of country for a total period of 6 months. Finally a Turkish language test may be required.

  2. You may invest USD 250,000 in one or many immovable properties for at least 3 years and if you sell in profit, you will pay capital gain tax on the profit of 30-35%. But if you wait for 5 years and sell then no tax is levied on you.

  3. Keep USD 500 K in a Turkish Bank for a continuous period of 3 years. In any of the above cases, citizenship can be acquired from 4-6 months. You will be just restricted to sell the property for 3 years or withdraw the money for 3 years.

  4. If you employ 50 people with Turkish citizenship, you may apply for the citizenship.

  5. The Citizenship program is not available for students.

  6. Birth Certificates of main applicant and if applicable, wife and children under 18 must be available. All required certificates and legal documents, including passports, must be legally translated in Turkish language.

  7. Marriage Certificates, and birth certificates need to be attested, or apostile, translated, and notarized.

  8. Appointing a consultant and a lawyer will be tantamount for documentation, legal procedures and follow up till you receive your approval.

Most people who have fulfilled the requirements and completed their submissions are successful in acquiring the citizenship with ease. Some have also received citizenship approvals without having to come to Turkey, based on their investments and appointment of a consultant.

Turkey Consultants who are licensed consultants will facilitate in all the above procedures, including all legal documentation translations, notarization, lawyer, and translators.


For more information and a free introductory consulting session please contact us.

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