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Resident Permits in Türkiye. The New Rules.

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

A lot has changed in the past few months regarding the issuance of resident permits to foreigners in Türkiye.

Below we have listed 11 points to keep in mind if you’re planning to get a short term resident permit in Türkiye.

  1. First, you must keep in mind that touristic resident permits have literally become a thing of past.

  2. You can no longer get resident  permit through rental contract. Unless you provide a touristic plan to the immigration department with the itinerary, etc. Though no  guidelines are actually published by them, most who have applied for this have been asked to provide a touristic plan.

  3. However you can get resident permit by investment. A livable property worth at least USD 50,000 in rural areas, and USD 75,000 in major cities. This too is not published or officially stipulated, but followed as a rule of thumb.

  4. You may apply and get a maximum of 2 year residency. Renewable. However you may only be granted a resident permit for 6 months to 1 year for the first time.

  5. In some cases the value of the property may not show as USD 50,000 or 75,000 on your title deed (tapu); as a common practice to avoid paying higher taxes, sellers and even buyers prefer putting a much lower value or the minimum declared value of the property on the tapu.  In such cases you should be able to provide the bank receipts and necessary documents to the officer if demanded.

  6. A health insurance policy is mandatory. If you make a one year insurance policy you will only get a maximum of 1 year valid resident permit. We recommend getting a 2 year insurance and apply for a two year resident permit. Which is the maximum granted. You need to tell the insurance broker that you need it for applying for resident permit. He will advice you of the proper dates and premium accordingly. We also arrange the best available health insurance for our clients.

  7. Insurance for ages under 18, and above 65 is not required, since most insurance companies don’t issue for people within those ages. (And that speaks a lot about the medical insurance industry.)

  8. You need to pay the taxes at any tax office before you go to your appointment. You will also need to pay an extra tax for visa, in case you entered the country without any visa, like in the case of some citizenships that are allowed entry into Türkiye without visa and stamped at the immigration counter on arrival at a Türkiye airport.

  9. Numrataj report.  You may need to register your name and names of your family members on your address, in order to apply for the resident permit. It is not a mandatory requirement but may be asked by the officer.

  10. There’s a list of areas published by the immigration department where foreigners living there can no longer get resident permits. To be specific 1169 areas.  This is mainly applicable to new comers. Matters are still ambiguous for foreigners already registered and living in those areas, regarding their resident permit renewal. So avoid buying any property in those areas for the purpose of acquiring resident permit.

  11. Lastly, you may not have to live in the property you buy in order to apply for your resident permit. However this still needs to be confirmed by the authorities officially, or seen in the near future.

Turkey Consultants have a wide range of inventory of properties throughout Türkiye for citizenship and residency purposes. We also work with experienced lawyers to facilitate citizenship and residency through investment.

For further queries contact us on email or Telegram +905522693222.

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