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As Turkish Customs, our duty is to prevent obstacles to legal trade. Elimination and facilitation, prevention of illicit trade and is deterrence. For this reason, all kinds of goods, vehicles entering and leaving our country, and by our individual customs officers, to seek within the framework of the Law. may be subjected. During these calls, the customs personnel were courteous, It is essential that they act in a helpful and professional manner. At the entrance to the Customs Territory of Turkey, at the land, air and sea entrance gates. Persons passing through the passenger lounges or passing goods, depending on the situation, or they have to pass through one of the green customs lines. This the customs declaration is deemed to have been made. The use of any of these lines is prohibited or imported into Turkey. It does not mean that goods subject to permission can be brought in. Customs at all times during the use of red or green lines. You may be requested to make a statement by its officers. It is prohibited or authorized to be brought into the country with you, oor imprisonment in case of excess goods detected. You can be penalised. To use the Green Line at the entrance if you do not have any goods subject to duty. You are making such a declaration. In this case, ensure that your goods do not exceed your customs rights. Since there are no prohibited or authorized goods to be imported into Turkey. You need to be sure. If you have goods subject to customs with you, or if you have any If you are hesitant about making a declaration, call the Red Line. You must use Here, make the necessary declaration to the relevant Customs Officer. After the goods are found, the taxes to be paid will be calculated. and will be charged. With you to use it during your stay in our country Even if your travel goods are to be taken out of our country with you, even it must be declared to the Customs Officer. This type of item is cannot be left. Items that can be considered valuable (1 computer) etc.) to check whether you are with you at your exit You may be asked to fill out a verbal declaration form. The website of the Ministry of Commerce for up-to-date information on passenger exemptions available at the address.

You can find detailed information on passenger transactions below:

PASSENGER OPERATIONS Question: What is the legal basis? Reply: Article 167 of the Customs Law No. 4458, Ministers No. 2009/15481 Annex of the Decision of the Board of Directors of "Some Articles of the Customs Law No. 4458 Decision on the Implementation, Circular dated 06/07/2011 and numbered 2011/39. Question: Who is the passenger? Reply: Any activity such as trade, civil service, education, visit, treatment or tourism. Road from a foreign country for a short or long stay for the purpose, to the Customs Territory of Turkey by one of the railway, sea or air routes. Any purpose with Turks and foreigners residing in a foreign country who have returned permanently or temporarily from the foreign country they went to, Turkish residents and foreigners from Turkey for the same purposes and with the same similar Turkish and foreigners who go to a foreign country by roads. Question: Who is not considered a passenger? Reply: Drivers and attendants of transport vehicles are not considered passengers. Therefore these persons are not benefited from the exemption for passenger belongings. However, These persons enter the country, at the border gates where passengers enter. 1 carton of cigarettes, 1 alcoholic drink of maximum 1 liter, maximum 1 perfume and 1 cosmetic product of more than 120 ml They can buy kilograms of chocolate or sugar-based food. However, The driver of the transport vehicle departing from the land border gate to other countries and servants, on their return, their shopping rights at the black border gates. They can use it at most 10 times a month in stores. Question: What is passenger accompanying goods? Reply: The goods brought by the passenger, not in commercial quantity and nature is an item. Each passenger, within the scope of the Annex-9 list, can bring the goods and 430 Euros of goods with exemption.

Question: What is the exemption for personal belongings with passengers? Reply: Article 58 of the Decision No. 2009/15481 titled "Personal Property" and the Decision. An exemption has been granted to the goods covered by the Annex-9 list. place at the end of the page. The goods specified in section (A) of the list numbered Annex 9 are only for passengers. accompanying it, if the goods specified in section (B) are accompanied by the passenger or It can be brought one month before or three months after the passenger's arrival. Question: The scope of the list numbered Annex-9, which is brought with the passenger, is A) Consumption How is the exemption applied for the goods in the "Articles" section? Reply: Scope of the Annex-9 list of the Annex to the Decision of the passengers entering the dormitory “A) Consumption For the goods in the "Articles" section, provided that the passenger is with him, exemption will be granted. Against the right to exemption for tobacco and tobacco products and alcoholic products It can be used separately for each product, provided that it does not exceed the written amount. In addition, exemption for tobacco and tobacco products and alcoholic products Passengers under the age of 18 will not be able to benefit from the right. The types and quantities of goods covered by the exemption are as follows:

TOBACCO AND TOBACCO PRODUCTS 1- Cigarettes 600 pcs 2- Cigarillos (cigars weighing no more than 3 grams each) 100 pcs. 3- 50 cigars 4- Chopped tobacco (with 200 sheets of cigarette paper) 250 gr. 5- Pipe tobacco 250 gr. ALCOHOLIC PRODUCTS 1- Alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic strength exceeding 22% 1 lt. 2- Alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic strength not exceeding 22% 2 lt. COSMETICS Do not exceed 600 ml with cologne, perfume, lavender, essence or lotion. 5 skin care products and make-up materials. FOOD PRODUCTS 1- Tea 1 kg. 2- Instant instant coffee 1 kg. 3- 1 kg of coffee. 4- Chocolate 1 kg. 5- Food made of sugar 1 kg. Passengers who wish are entitled to 1 kg of chocolate or 1 kg of sugar. 2 kg right for only one of the goods in question they can use. Question: It is possible for the passenger to bring their medication with them. manager? Reply: Along with the passengers arriving in our country or one month before their arrival or within the periods after three months, in Annex-9 of the Decision. The scope of the list is the drugs brought for use in personal treatment, customs duties that passengers should use during their travels document (report from the health institution, doctor's report or the duration of stay in our country, subject to the submission of a prescription etc.) allow the entry of a reasonable amount of medication, taking into account will be given. Question: The scope of the Annex-9 list of the Decision annex brought with the passenger is domestic Which are the animals? Reply: Article 9 of the section titled "f) Others" of the said list The phrase "pets" is limited to "cat, dog and bird". are held. Veterinary health report, certificate of origin and vaccination, if any Proceeding with the condition of presentation of identity and equivalent document and veterinary control is done. Question: In order to bring the goods brought with the passenger, the passenger must detected one month before or three months after arrival If the deadlines are exceeded, is it possible to extend the time? Reply: Customs and Foreign Trade, to which the customs office the goods came from Force majeure of the situation that caused the time-out in question by the Regional Directorate. and once it is determined that it is caused by an unexpected situation. It is possible to extend the time limit up to a maximum of 6 months.

Question: One month before or three months after the passenger's arrival What are the customs procedures of the personal goods sent in? Reply: Personal items that the passenger cannot bring with him/her and sent by courier or mail There is no 30 kg weight or value limit on the goods and there is no no tax is charged. The date the person entered Turkey the customs office where the goods are, together with the passport, in order to prove should apply to the administration.

Question: What is the passenger accompanying souvenir exemption? Reply: Except for transit passengers, passengers can be brought with them and released. circulated for non-commercial, personal and family use Exemption is granted to the goods brought as a special or gift. The exemption is valid for each passenger whose total real value does not exceed 430 Euros. applied to the item. However, this amount is 150 for passengers under the age of 15. It is applied in euros. Question: How is the value of the goods brought with the passenger determined? Reply: The value of the goods brought with the passenger, on the invoice submitted, It is determined according to the receipt or the document showing that the price of the goods has been paid. This such document cannot be presented or the value recorded in the submitted document If it is found to be low, the value of the goods is determined by the customs administration. Question: Passengers are allowed to move freely with their taxes paid. What are the conditions for the item to be introduced? Reply: The country of origin of the goods whose value does not exceed 1500 Euros for each passenger. A single and fixed tax is applied at varying rates according to the requirements. The tax rates in question the item; - 18% in case of coming directly from EU countries - If it comes from other countries, it is applied as 20% and the goods; a) It does not present a commercial amount and nature, b) Post or express cargo with the passenger or from a foreign country arrive by transport, c) Postal and express cargo excluding diplomatic and passenger goods Those arriving via transportation should not exceed 30 kilograms gross. As mentioned above, regarding passenger accompanying souvenirs, The exemption is for goods worth between 150 and 430 Euros, depending on the age of the passengers. valid. If the goods brought with the passenger exceed these values in the taxation of the goods, provided that it does not exceed 1500 Euros. to the exemption amount [150 (for passengers under 15 years old) or 430 Euros] for the remainder after deducting the corresponding tax single and fixed tax is applied.

Question: The value of the goods brought with the passenger alone is 1500 What action is taken if it exceeds the Euro? Reply: Rates of import duties applicable to the goods in question will be applied. Question: What should the passengers who enter Turkey bring with them? period of their stay in the country of origin in order to apply an exemption to the goods. Is there a time limit? Reply: No. Exemption of passengers arriving and departing from land border gates Conditions to stay in the country they are in for 3 days in order to benefit has been removed. However, for passengers entering through the land border gate. The right of exemption with passengers is used at most 10 times a month.

Question: Is it possible to bring a mobile phone with the passenger? Reply: Yes, it can be brought. Passengers with lines registered to the passenger's identity number in 3 calendar years, provided that it is used (will enter into force on 30.05.2019) limited to TV, music player, including those capable of playing video. mobile phone in the status of personal belongings with the passenger, can be exempted regardless of its value. Foreign mission members This limitation does not apply to devices seamlessly. In order to be able to use them, they must be registered and the registration must be registered by the passenger in Turkey. It must be done within 120 days from the date of entry. Record Information Technologies and Communications Authority for information on transactions available on the website.

Question: Are mobile phones brought with passengers tax-exempt? Reply: Yes, it is tax free. However, mobile phones brought with passengers 618.60 determined by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance as of 2019. “Telephone usage permit fee brought with the passenger” amounting to TL must be paid. Question: Fees Taken from Mobile Phones Brought With Passengers Where is it paid? Reply: The fee in question is the registration of the electronic identity information of the telephone devices. before the tax office or authorized must be paid to banks.

Question: Passengers within the limit of 430 Euro souvenirs or by mail Can I bring a mobile phone via Reply: No. Mobile phone, passenger as personal item within the scope of Annex-9 list can be brought to our country with it. exempt from gift status mobile phones can be brought by paying taxes or by mail. not available. Question: A payment for electronic devices brought with the passenger do i need to do Reply: Yes, goods to be brought from abroad other than for commercial import purposes. "Bandrol" on behalf of TRT for one time only from electronic devices fee” is collected by the customs administrations. In addition, the passenger TRT in varying amounts depending on the screen size for the television brought banderole fee is charged. Question: Bringing/taking Turkish Lira or foreign currency with the passenger is it possible? Reply: Passengers can use Turkish Lira and foreign currency without any amount limitation. They can bring them to Turkey on their own, in their luggage or in their vehicles. However; personal rights of passengers within the scope of Article 14 of Decision No. 32 personal debts considered as capital movements, gifts, gifts, donation, dowry, money given by the bride or groom to the other party, inheritance, inheritance or the remaining property is used to liquidate the debts of migrant workers in their home country. payments and assets of immigrants; Within the framework of article 17 Crude Diamond Foreign Trade with loans obtained from abroad Pursuant to Article 6 of the Decision on the Regulation and Supervision of the bringing cash, such as diamond export costs, to the country from customs entry points It is not possible. This cash is only sent to the country through the banking system. can be brought.

Foreign loans and personal capital export value of goods and services, excluding assets, related earnings, foreign capital value or from other sources. It is free to bring the cash to the country through customs entry points.

In the case of departures abroad; Providing payment in Turkish currency and Turkish currency 25.000 Turkish Liras in documents, 10.000 Euros and its equivalent in foreign currency. The amount above is submitted by the passengers to the customs administration with the Cash Declaration Form. declaration is required. This is the cash that is wanted to be taken abroad. If the amounts are below, without declaring them to the customs administration. removal possible.

With this;

- Will be taken abroad within the scope of Article 13 of Decision No. 32 domestic capital (people residing in Turkey to invest abroad) or to companies in order to engage in commercial activities, cash capital to partnerships and branches to be opened),

- Within the scope of Article 14 of Decision No. 32, personal capital personal debts, gifts, gifts, donations, dowry, bride and money, inheritance, inheritance or remaining property and immigration given to the other party by the bridegroom payments to settle workers' debts in their home country, and cash as assets of immigrants,

- Circular on Capital Movements of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey 2.5. Loans to be given abroad within the scope of section No. partnerships in which they are shareholders abroad by residents, Foreign currency or Turkish Lira to be given to the parent company and group companies other than credits),

- Persons residing abroad (investment partnerships abroad and authorized in accordance with the capital market legislation (including mutual funds) Everything they will buy or sell through banks and intermediary institutions. all kinds of securities and other capital market instruments and these income from assets and vehicles and their sales prices,

- Persons residing in Turkey; banks and capital market legislation. financial instruments abroad through intermediary institutions authorized in accordance with the marketable securities and other capital market vehicle purchases,

- Purchased or owned by non-residents in Turkey incomes of real estate and real rights related to real estate, and sales prices,

- Real estate and real estate abroad by persons residing in Turkey the purchase price of the related real rights,

- Transfer fees related to import and transit trade transactions,

- International shipping, banking, insurance, outbound transfer fees for services and other invisible transactions,

- Net arising from the activities and transactions of foreign investors in Turkey profits, dividends, sales, liquidation and compensation amounts, license, management and amounts to be paid in exchange for similar agreements,

-Principal repayments and interest on loans obtained from abroad and transfer fees of other payments,

- Raw diamond import costs,

Passengers cannot be taken out together from customs points. cash in this can only be issued through the banking system.

On the other hand;

Sampling-doubt-risk analysis from passengers by customs personnel may be asked to explain the cash accompanying them.

Whether the statement made by the passenger is correct is determined by the customs administration. determined by the control to be carried out.

Question: Is it possible to bring precious metals, stones and goods with the passenger? Reply: Article 2 of the Decision No. 32 on the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency by; precious metals, gold, silver, platinum and palladium, precious stones diamond, diamond, ruby, emerald, topaz, sapphire, zebercet and pearl, precious goods, precious metals or precious stones articles made of or containing them; processed precious metals valuables that have been transformed into ornaments or ornaments by applying craftsmanship. refers to the mines.

Passengers carry their own value of 15,000.-US Dollars. valuable in the form of jewelery that does not exceed They can bring goods made of metals and stones into the country and they can get it out. Exporting jewelery of higher value issued, declared at the entrance or purchased from Turkey. subject to the condition of proof. Question: Special foodstuffs that tourists should eat according to their beliefs Can it be brought home? Reply: The need for special foodstuffs that tourists should eat in accordance with their beliefs If the passengers come with them or as cargo, which Certification by the relevant tourism organization that it belongs to the passengers and provided that it is promised to be consumed by them, such food without seeking control and permission by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will be allowed to enter the dormitory.

Question: Food products in the status of souvenirs with passenger, Can it be brought? Reply: Within the scope of passenger accompanying souvenirs, brought for consumption purposes three kilograms of fresh and dried fruits and vegetables from vegetable products, other herbal products are exempted up to one kilogram. This In case of bringing all kinds and amounts of herbal products other than It is considered to be in commercial quantity and nature and the transaction is made accordingly. Animal Products No. 2012/11 regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Communiqué on the Rules Regarding the Entry of Personal Shipments into the Country In accordance with the law, meat and dairy products are delivered to Turkey as personal shipments. It is not possible to bring it or send it to Turkey.





1- Cigarettes

600 pieces

2- Cigarillos (cigars weighing no more than 3 grams each)


3- Pure

50 pcs

4- Chopped tobacco (with 200 sheets of cigarette paper)

250 gr.

5- Pipe tobacco

250 gr.


1- Alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic strength exceeding 22%

1 lt.

2- Alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic strength not exceeding 22%

2 lt.

c) COSMETIC PRODUCTS Cologne, perfume, lavender, essence, not to exceed 600 ml or lotion and 5 skin care products and make-up


1- Tea

1 kg.

2- Instant instant coffee

1 kg.

3- Coffee

1 kg.

4- Chocolate

1 kg.

5- Food made of sugar

1 kg.



1- Goods for the passenger to wear

2- Goods for the passenger's life and travel goods


1-One color without LCD or plasma separation television (up to 55 screens [including 55 screens])

2- One video camera (with 10 empty cassettes together) and camera (memory card or 5 with the movie)

3- One GPS direction finder

4- A laptop or PC, its parts and parts (including flash memory, external hard disk)

5- One radio or radio-tape

6- All kinds of audio and video recorders and players one of the devices and a total of 10 of these devices recordable record, tape cassette, CD, VCD, DVD

7- Electronic game device with a cassette or playing card

8- Tv, music player, video playback feature GSM-Mobile phone (foreign mission, including those passenger's identification number, excluding members of 1 in three calendar years, provided that it is used with registered lines ( will enter into force on 30.05.2019)


One of each hand-held musical instrument maximum of 3


1- One camping tent

2- One diver suit

3- One non-motorized inflatable boat

4- One sailing gear surfing

5- A pair of swimming flippers

6- Golf equipment (excluding golf cart)

7- Each of them has a feature that the passenger can use alone. other sports equipment and watercraft clothing (including parachute and ski gear, and motorized mermaids)


1- Bed belonging to sick passenger

2- There is a mover device for the disabled. motorized seat

3- Medicines used in personal treatment

4- Medical devices for personal use

5- Gas mask, protective suit


Kitchen utensils to be used during the trip and one small household appliances


1- Passengers coming from Hajj and Umrah with them that they will bring or send by mail or cargo. To be determined by the Under secretariat of Religious Affairs amount of date and zamzam water

2- One pram for a child passenger

3- Toys for child passengers

4- One iron

5- One bicycle

6- One hand binocular (with night vision binoculars and goggles) night vision sniper scopes)

7- When traveling with the vehicle, the vehicle itself and Other tools and devices for use by the driver (battery charger, battery powered car vacuum cleaner, battery powered working freezer, etc.)

8- Book or similar printed publication for personal use

9- Provided that the passenger is accompanied by a pet 2 or 10 goldfish in total from animals (with veterinary health report, certificate of origin and vaccination, if available). The condition of presentation of identity and identification document and veterinary control provided)


Our citizens who go abroad and come to our country from abroad and At the beginning of the topics that tourists are curious about, during their travels Customs exemption for goods they can bring with them applications are included.

In this context, as the Ministry of Commerce, the number of passengers arriving and departing our country Goods that they can bring with them in accordance with customs legislation, quickly and up-to-date with the most accurate information on cash and jewellery. in order to enable them to reach "Customs Guide for Passengers" mobile application has been prepared.

Mobile application that works offline without the need for internet for downloading to phones and tablets Google Play Store and Apple Store . installed and made available to users free of charge.

Prepared by taking into account the nationalities of the tourists coming to our country. The application consists of 5 in total, including Turkish, English, German, Arabic and Russian. language and one of the platforms mentioned above, “For Passengers” It can be accessed by searching "Customs Directory".

Up-to-date and accurate on the customs legislation of our citizens and tourists , which will enable them to access information as soon as possible and easily Customs Guide Mobile Application for Passengers ; of our citizens abroad and foreigners who will visit our country. Informing them correctly about customs legislation and preventing their grievances. is considered to be beneficial for

CONTACT INFORMATION ABOUT CUSTOMS On the website of our Ministry, which you can access from the link of, up-to-date information on customs legislation and questions where you can forward your brochures and information applications. e-mail addresses are included. Online application, which you can access from the "Getting Information" section on our website. You can submit your application by filling out the form. Applications to be made by mail or in person, Dumlupınar Bulvarı No: 151 Eskişehir Yolu 9. Km 06530 Çankaya/ANKARA address can be made. Ministry Switchboard: + 90 312 449 10 00

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